角创业 serves as the creative engine for entrepreneurship education 和 advancement at UD.

Built 和 actively supported by successful entrepreneurs, 角创业 empowers aspiring innovators as they pursue new ideas for a better world.

角创业 is committed to supporting student success 和 cultivating a lifelong community of collaboration, 联系和影响. 


葡京直营APP is ranked among the best in the nation for entrepreneurial studies. 



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随着疫情的剧烈变化, 现在 现在是学习创业的时候了吗. Entrepreneurship education teaches you how to adapt 和 thrive amidst rapid change, recognize opportunities 和 leverage connections 和 resources. 

创业项目排名前50, 角创业 is a 葡京直营APP-wide initiative. We work with 和 within all areas of study at the university.


We are a team of dedicated people who believe that entrepreneurship education can change individual lives, 葡京直营APP的社区和世界. Our team consists of PhDs, experienced entrepreneurs 和 entrepreneurially minded individuals. We provide a small school experience within a large research university (That’s a fancy way to say we will get to k现在 each other!). 满足 教师, 工作人员国家咨询委员会 阅读葡京直营APP的 影响和指导原则.



We empower you, the current 和 future world changers. Entrepreneurship education is not just about starting your own business; it is about developing an entrepreneurial mindset & skillset - resilience, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, etc. 你是否想成为一名企业家, be innovative within an established company (intrapreneur) or tackle a social challenge (mission-driven business, 非营利组织), an entrepreneurship education will support your goal. 阅读葡京直营APP的学生如何 & 校友们在葡京直营APP这里实践创业 博客.

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Choosing a university 和 area of study is a major decision. 它需要非常合适. 葡京直营APP欢迎您深入挖掘.



We invite you to get firsth和 experience with 角创业 by joining a virtual class. You will see the interaction between 教师 和 students, class content 和 the character of the entrepreneurship major. 





与学生和/或学术顾问聊天. Gain an underst和ing of how entrepreneurship majors navigate their academic experience at UD 和 get your questions answered about life inside or outside of the classroom.




Chat with current students, 教师 和 the Academic Advisor. 参加部分或全部一小时的课程. 请提前报名.

三月二日下午4点到5点.m. 美国东部时间

3月2日和23时6分.m. 美国东部时间

3月5日上午10点.m. 美国东部时间




决定日- 2月26日,4月9日 & 23

Admitted Students will be able attend one of our Saturday Decision Day Open Houses where the Lerner College of Business 和 Economics will host department-focused, information sessions specific to the major that you're interested in.

Lerner 访问 Days - February 21, March 4, March 25 & 4月18日

This 90-minute visit includes a brief presentation about our business programs with time left for your questions to be answered by current students 和 工作人员. Your visit will conclude with a walking tour of Lerner facilities. 





  • Professor Julius Korley (left) is co-director of the hub, 丹·弗里曼教授是葡京直营APP的系主任.


    August 25, 2021 | Written by Tracey Bryant 和 Catherine Z和onella, Princeton
    The 葡京直营APP is a partner in a new regional innovation network, established with a $15 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), to accelerate the transformation of scientific discoveries into technologies that improve our daily lives.
  • 深入研究创业中的性别偏见

    作者:John Wasdin
    Dr. Daniel Lee is one of the newest 和 most intriguing professors at 角创业 at the 葡京直营APP. 李教授获得了B.A. in math 和 economics from Emory University, as well as his M.A. 和Ph值.D. 他是乔治亚州立大学的经济学教授. His economics start led him to entrepreneurship because he wanted to see how economic theory would translate into the real world, where people were actually starting up businesses 和 requesting funding. Dr. Lee saw a lack of public data 和 focused on finding results to help future entrepreneurs. Dr. Lee is currently studying the effects of free time on entrepreneurship.
  • Versogen Looks to Launch Game-Changing Technology in Reducing Carbon Emission

    作者:Vanessa Spence
    王兰是葡京直营APP的研究生和博士后, 现在 Versogen’s Director of New Chemistry 和 Cofounder, who led the effort to scale the world’s leading polymer membrane technologies for converting water into green hydrogen. Green hydrogen because renewable solar or wind sourced electricity is used to free the hydrogen from water molecules (H2O).
  • From Books to Big Bucks: Celebrating the Wins of Students, 校友, 教师

    作者:Ryan Sigmund
    过去的六个月飞逝而过! 但葡京直营APP的社区一点也不安静. Check out all of the accomplishments - 和 give kudos to your friends. Smile k现在ing that you are part of a community making an impact on the world.
  • 我的暑期实习:Grace Fritz

    每年夏天, students from the 葡京直营APP’s Alfred Lerner College of Business 和 Economics gain valuable professional-level exposure through internships. 今年, young scholars were able to traverse the complications of the COVID-19 p和emic by pursuing an array of internships, externships 和 other professional development opportunities. Each profile of this series will detail a Lerner student’s experiences working on business-oriented projects